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The pride of homeownership in Cedar Rapids

When buying a home it's often times easy to feel disconnected from the other part (because you are), so it's nice to pair a little bit of personality with the situation. Between the financing and other real estate related documents, it's easy to feel a little overwhelmed. This is a nice way  for the seller's to let the buyers know who they're dealing with on the other side (this can also work with buyers).

Check out this wonderful home and such a note of a home we listed recently. 

"When you first move into a new home there are a lot of unknowns.
What will the neighbors be like? Is the house of good quality? Did the previous owners take care of the home? What has happened in the home during the previous owners stay?
I thought for a potential buyer, it might be helpful for me to answer some of these questions, so that they can have some reassurance while moving into this place my family has called home for the past 10+ years.
1. The Neighbors-Let's face it, neighbors are everything. This neighborhood is one of those rare "Old School" neighborhoods where people truly are neighborly. It is not uncommon on a nice day to have people outside, talking, hanging out, and socializing. This community mindset was established by the generation of neighbors that originally built homes here in the 60's (One of which is whom we bought this home from), and has been honored by the people and families that have moved into this neighborhood since then. 
You will find that people here are accepting, genuine, and willing to share of themselves to maintain the integrity of the original social structure.
2. The Home Quality-The reason that my wife and I originally purchased this home is because we were impressed by the care and quality that went into it's construction. Ask anyone, these homes are built like tanks. They have withstood the test of time through major storms, and active families, all the while maintaining their original structure. 
I personally, have touched every square inch of this home and can attest to it's build quality :-).
In the age of HGTV everyone it seems thinks they can build something by watching it off of a YouTube video. The problem with this is the longevity of craftsmanship is at its best "Sketchy". 
Every mod that we have done has been done with care. I have been a carpenter with my dad for many years, I have experience building, rest assure, things were done correctly.
3. The Care-(Inside) We have two, active, adventurous, imaginative young boys, and 100+Lb. Dogue De Bordeaux. They are constantly active outdoors,  play in the woods and in the mud like all young boys do. Indoors, games are invented (Archery, football, bowling,baseball...usually down the hallway), however, miraculously (die to my wife's cleaning OCD) our house is always presentable. The way our home looks today, is not just for show...come back any day, and it will look the exact same way:)...This is one of the many things I love about my life:)
4. House Stories- Deer have been spotted in our back yard as well as the front! We have also had wild turkeys, eagles, hawks , numerous songbird varieties, and even ducks at one time nesting in our bushes!!!
This is oddly, a great place to see wildlife:)"

It's nice to stop and remember we're all trying to find our way out there, it's nice to share.

This home is for sale for the time being, click the link to see the house specs.  

1620 47th St NE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52402, for listing info