9 Qualities of an RRT real estate agent

9 Qualities of an RRT Agent

Mission: To Simplify all facets of the real estate transaction by continually integrating the latest technology, being best in class at what we do as a result of listening to and identifying with our clients and colleagues.

Vision: To pioneer a new real estate model through continual team collaboration, self growth and focusing on what can be accomplished instead of what can not. Ongoing analysis will identify measurable organizational growth.

Importance of a Goal: Am I in the same place today that I was year ago? The answer should be no! We all have goals, but are we expecting them to just happen or do we have a plan of self and team accountability? Successful people are always able to measure their performance VS their projections. Without this imperative skill, one is unable to prioritize what is or isn’t working. Only a person with the ability to look at their own weaknesses and strengths unbiasedly is able to take their game to the next level.

Competency: We thrive to be the most knowledgeable company from real estate or academic accolades and experience to current market trends.

A Strong Team: “There is no I in Team” While we all possess certain strengths, we are all human and possess inherent weaknesses. We are here to build one another up and keep organization morale and momentum high. A team is only as strong as it’s weakest link.

Communication Skills: We must be able to accurately convey the status of any situation at anytime to our clients as well another team member or vendor. If you don’t know the answer to the question, find someone who does instead of “shooting from the hip”. Take a mental note and the next time this happens you’ll have the answer.

Interpersonal Skills: Successful people are comfortable relating to other people in any walk of life. They always realize how another person views them doesn’t have as much to do with them (as long as they’re genuine positive and of good intention) as it does with the other individual and the experiences he or she has been conditioned to. Successful people are constantly aware and non bias. This radiates confidence and ultimately stronger relationships.

Inspiration: We are here to be one anothers inspiration. When you’re having a good day, let it be known, if you have a good quote or thought...share it.  We all strive to be the best we can be, but some days are better than others. Having someone “pick you up” when you’re in a rough patch is the surest way to get back up and running to full speed and when you’re at the top of your game you can return the favor. Life is like the tide, it ebbs and flows, when we understand this we can expect better productivity and colleague synergy.

Ambition: We are all here to unlock our potential! When someone sees you taking the “hard road” to be the best you, you can be, you’ve just raised the bar not only for yourself, but for everyone around you. All ambition starts at a personal level and spreads throughout the team. We’re here to help and challenge each other’s level of ambition.