About Us

Our Story

RRT was founded by Jeremy Wilson & Rob Stiles, 2 agents who worked for larger local firms and smaller firms before collaborating on the untapped potential in the real estate industry. We developed a strategy to leverage technology in a way that traditional firms weren’t, and wanted a culture of transparency, efficiency and mutual respect between consumers and colleagues. g

Since then we’ve helped countless clients with the home selling/buying process through creative problem solving. This is possible due to our team approach, as together we have a greater cumulative experience, knowledge base and understanding of the banking system.

We know the Realtor stereotype and are constantly working to change it. We’re living in a new time, where things are advancing at a quantum rate with ever-advancing possibilities.

As we've grown, RRT has started developing our own software, opened up a property management sector, started a custom homes division, and created a marketing firm. We have a self growth culture with an emphasis on continued education and truly making the most of our time while on this planet. We all have to earn a living right?

We want our lives and our profession to align in a way that brings us together individually as well as a community. We have our sights set on Revolutionizing the way this business is conducted, while adapting to changing market conditions in real estate as well as marketing practices. We’re beyond grateful for our success and contribute it to our clients, our “find a way” attitude and empowering company culture.

“If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far...go together”

-African Proverb