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Home for sale- Design through a creative family's eyes

Apr 09, 2020 by

A Note from sellers- "This neighborhood is one of those rare "Old School" neighborhoods where people truly are neighborly. It is not uncommon on a nice day to have people outside, talking, hanging out, and socializing. This community mindset was established by the generation of neighbors that originally built homes here in the 60's (One of which is Read More

KCRG TV 9-HWY 100 construction continues-developers forecast major growth

Mar 09, 2020 by

Rob Stiles with Revolution Realty talks about the HWY 100 extension or connection to HWY 13 will soon help connect western areas to the north side of Cedar Rapids. Read More

Top 10 fun-tastic things to do in Cedar rapids this week

Feb 10, 2020 by

The weather is supposed to be in the 40's all weekend and for most of next week. Shake off those sniffles, cast off that case of cabin fever and let's see what's going on this week in our beautiful home town of Cedar Rapids Read More

I found orangeburg...Now what? A brief history and how orangeburg is handled, pricing, methods, inspections...

Feb 07, 2020 by

Is the home you're considering purchasing built between 1948-1972? This is an important era due to the a new technology called “Orangeburg Piping”  or “Fiber Conduit”at the time which is the water line which runs from the house to the city main. Read More

Washed Away

Feb 02, 2020 by

The beauty and the beast, what a great story! The Grand Canyon for example, Beautiful right? This was carved out by water long ago. Water is the most destructive beast on the planet. It can erode anything in its path, including your home value. Find out what you can do to mitigate the risk all homeowners face. Read More

Grab a bite and save a life at Newbo Market this Friday

Feb 01, 2020 by

This Friday, February 3 from 11:30am-1pm, Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center will be on hand for our first NewBo Blood Drive of 2017. Also check out other events as well for the month of February! Read More

Hilarious Will Ferrell video mashup of the struggles of a real estate transaction.

Jan 28, 2020 by

This is how your realtor may feel at times going through the transaction. Will Ferrell always has a good way of bringing out the humor in any situation. Read More

CSPS Hall has been and is still creating inspiration in NewBo over the last 125 years.

Jan 28, 2020 by

Did you realize the caliber of world talent and influence CSPS Hall (The sleepy little performing arts venue in the now NewBo district neighborhood on 2nd St SE) has had over the last century and continues to have as a creative influence in our own backyard? It's these kind of endeavours which allow a person to peer into our worlds creativity. Read More

Buying a home in January is a good time, here's why...

Jan 22, 2020 by

Spring and summer are historically the most popular times to buy a home. The weather is warm, inventory is high and the school year is winding down or done. But those who shop during this peak buying season also face more competition and higher prices. Read More

Preparing your home for sale in eastern IA

Jan 20, 2020 by

So great! You've decided to sell your what? You're probably thinking how do I sell this fast and for the most money right? Read More

Is a Seller's Property Disclosure Mandatory?

Jan 20, 2020 by

Find out what a seller's property disclosure is, why it's important and what your legal obligations are when disclosing. Read More