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A Buyer’s Process

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The Buyer's Process

Step 1: Contact your Revolution Realty Team Agent

Contact your Revolution Realty Team agent. It is free to work with one of our agents. All of our agents are paid by the sellers. Revolution Realty Team agents are solutions experts. It is our job to be listeners. We can help you identify your wants and needs within your budget, available market, and timeline. After meeting with you, we are able to identify grants or other financial incentives that would benefit you.

Step 2: Get Preapproved

To get preapproved is as important for you as it is to the sellers. By being preapproved it allows you to know what your budget is and what a comfortable payment would be for you. Sellers typically only want to show their home to serious buyers, those of which are preapproved. The best houses always sell the fastest. You may miss out waiting on a preapproval letter if you wait until you find a house to get that process started.

Step 3: House Hunting

Your Revolution Realty Team expert will identify properties along with ones you find on your own and set up showings at your convenience. We are available at any time to show you properties and will work to fit them into your schedule.

Step 4: Making an Offer

After we have found “the one” we will discuss local market conditions and address areas of concern. Your RRT agent will then submit the offer to the selling agent. It is typical for there to be a few counter offers to negotiate until sellers and buyers can agree on terms.

Step 5: Inspections

This only applies to offers where inspections are specified.

Types of inspections, but not limited too:
-Whole House Inspection

Step 6: Negotiate Inspection Findings

Most inspections turn up items that need to be addressed. Even new homes have things that need to be repaired or have issues come up. When doing inspections we are looking at safety, mechanical, health, and structural aspects of your home. We will work with you to determine what findings are important to you in order for you to feel comfortable purchasing the home. We will then submit findings to the seller and negotiate terms once again.

Step 7: Appraisal

When getting a loan, the bank wants to determine the value of the property before they lend you money. Assuming the appraisal comes back and supports the agreed purchase price we will move ahead with the closing of your home.

Step 8: Closing

Closing typically takes 30 days or more from the time you get the offer accepted to the time you take possession. Closing is where the property ownership is transferred from the seller to the buyer.

Step 9: Move in!!!

Let Revolution Realty Team find, buy or sell your real estate property. Serving Cedar Rapids and surrounding cities so contact us now - (319)-849-5252