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Are you looking for good quality painting done quickly at a reasonable rate? RRT Painting has been formed as a result out of a necessity for our real estate , builder and investor client's needs.

Let us help you take your project to the next level with High Quality Paints from Klinger's Paint or Sherwin Williams. This also allows us to leverage our business relationships and save you money!

It's like going to "Sam's Club" or any other bulk distribution retail stores. Since you're buying more at a time, you get better deals. In your situation you're leveraging us who in turn leverages the consistent paint purchases. 

Painting is one of the best ways to make a huge impact on your home or space. This is a great way to play to your home's color palette while giving you a new feel. White trim and door paint is also something to bring an older trim package up to date with current trends. 

White is a wonderful color because it allows the wall, fixtures, floor colors and furniture to play well and "pop" the assets you currently have while remaining timeless! 

Take a look at the picture on the right, see how the walls are gray and the ceilings & trim are white? The floors being a dark color play well to this color scheme. After a color scheme has been chosen and executed is when your own personal accent pieces and furniture play a role of bring the space to life. The idea in this home was to provide a warm neutral palette, this allowed for the owner's creativity to really unfold. Now when a guest walks into this home, the guest is able to focus on the individual's or couple's style rather that seeing imperfections in the walls, base and ceilings due to our eyes naturally recognizing any contrasting differences.

It's the paint which has allowed for something as small as this little green glass accent piece to become noticeable and play into the overall feel of the home. There are many ways to slice this pie to fit your unique style! 

What are the style dreams you'd like to see come to life? Knowing real estate, building and doing our own house flips gives us a unique ability to meet with you and paint a mental picture of what could be done in your home! Many times it's great to get an expert's opinion since most of us get used to tuning out our daily surroundings which can lead to not seeing all of the possibilities a space potentially offers.

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